COVID-19 News

Andersen Tax, Nigeria has written series of publication to monitor & document the Nigerian Government’s economic & regulatory interventions & provide useful insights for businesses in managing the challenges of the COVID-19 disruptions. Explore here.


Tax Deductibility of Donations by Corporate Entities and Individuals to Combat COVID-19

COVID-19: Overview of Nigeria’s Economic Response to the Pandemic

COVID-19: Personal Income Tax Compliance Challenges

Post COVID-19: Fiscal Considerations for Proposed Marginal Fields Bid Round

Transfer Pricing Implications of COVID-19 for Taxpayers in Nigeria

The impact of COVID-19 on Nigeria’s power sector: How can power companies weather the storm?

COVID-19: Financial Reporting Implications for Companies in Nigeria

COVID-19 Imperatives and the Future of Finance Function: Data Analytics and Process Automation


COVID-19: Updates on Economic and Regulatory Outlook and Projections (Vol. 1)

COVID-19: Updates on Economic and Regulatory Outlook and Projections (Vol. 2)

COVID-19: Updates on Economic and Regulatory Outlook and Projections (Vol. 3)

Re-inventing your Business Post COVID-19: A Marketing Perspective


NITDA Extends Deadline for Filing of Data Protection Audit Report

COVID-19 Update: LIRS Extends Deadline for Filing Annual Returns

House of Representatives Passes Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: FIRS Extends CIT, VAT & WHT Filing Deadlines

COVID 19 Update: LIRS Issues Meeting Procedures for Tax Audit Reconciliation Committee


Economic challenges of #COVID19 – Michael Ango, Andersen Tax

COVID-19: Nigeria must be strategic with monetary and fiscal policies

We Can Not Understate Covid-19 Impact On The Economy – Dr. Bamfo

Finance Expert On How The Coronavirus Will Affect Nigeria’s Economy

Impact of COVID-19 on Tax Compliance and Collection Compliance- Adeyemi Adediran, Andersen Tax

Implications Of Revised National And Firs Budget Consideration By Finance Ministry- Michael Ango, Andersen Tax

Impact of COVID-19 on Tax Payment/Collection and Taxation of the Digital Economy- Michael Ango, Andersen

Economy – A look at Tax Breaks and Potential Stimulus Packages-Adeyemi Adediran, Andersen Tax.

The Cross River State Tax Exemption on Low Income Earners- Adeyemi Adediran, Andersen Tax

Taxation In Nigeria: Boosting Tax Morale And Compliance- Michael Ango


Working from Home WFH – Mitigating the Risks of Data Privacy and Security Breaches

Tax compliance Post-COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

A Discourse on Nigeria’s Maiden Transfer Pricing Judgement Resulting in a N1 7bn Liability Learning

COVID-19 and the Next Big Tax Audit Issues: Avoiding the Pitfalls

The Nigerian Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Regulations: What you need to know

Stamp Duties Compliance in Nigeria: The Twists and Turns

Impact of Some Recent Regulatory Developments on Businesses