Transfer Pricing Services

The experienced professionals of Andersen Tax in Nigeria, and the member firms and collaborating firms of Andersen Global, are ready to meet your domestic and global transfer pricing needs. We have extensive experience advising businesses and multinational organizations through all aspects of their transfer pricing management lifecycle – planning, implementation, compliance, and controversy. We help you ensure that your tax positions are practically and properly aligned with your business operations.

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) with expansion into the Nigerian market as well as the rest of the West African market need to proactively consider how to structure their related party transactions in a manner that is consistent with the arm’s length principle and makes business sense. Our highly experienced transfer pricing team is there to assist you in designing, documenting and implementing a transfer pricing policy that achieves the above objectives.

In addition, considering the aggressive nature of transfer pricing audits in Nigeria and Ghana, it is imperative that MNEs with footprints in West Africa have seasoned transfer pricing advisors with international and local experience to support them with the preparation of robust transfer pricing documentation that will improve their chances of successful defense during transfer pricing audits. At Andersen Tax Nigeria, we have seasoned transfer pricing professionals with the much-needed international and local experience, global perspectives and good working relationships with the Tax Authorities to provide exceptional client experience during the transfer pricing audit and dispute resolution process.

Our experienced transfer pricing advisors will proactively advocate for clarity in the treatment of key transfer pricing issues that are common to specific industries.

In summary, we can help your company with all aspects of transfer pricing, including:

  • Transfer Pricing Planning and Implementation
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Transfer Pricing Diagnostic Reviews
  • Transfer Pricing Controversy (Audit Support and Defense)
  • Transfer Pricing Advocacy
  • BEPS Readiness Diagnostic Review